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    Impact of ICT in Healthcare Sector of Bangladesh

    Tv24 Desk: In the last few decades Bangladesh has seen a skyrocketing phenomenon emerge in ICT sectors. It has been identified as a “thrust sector” as it represents potential for successful reforms, job creation, industry growth and high spillover effects to other sectors as well as improving governance and facilitating inclusion. When we talk about the best hospital management system software company in Bangladesh, MySoft Limited’s name emerges first.

    Conceived in 2009, MySoft Limited is an exciting tech startup in multiple ways. It is the best hospital management system software company in Bangladesh that has chosen to specialize and focus on the hospital, lab and radiology automation software. However, it has also taken the bold decision to distribute this software among the various healthcare organizations exclusively. The founder and Managing Director, Mr Manjurul Hoque’s hard work has paid off over the last decade, where MySoft Limited has served successfully over 200 clients.
    Despite being a non-technical graduate, Mr. Manjurul always had a keen interest in software technology. After completing his study, he aims to complete some software related courses and successfully achieved Sun Certified Java Programmer (SCJP) and Sun Certified Web Component Developer (SCWCD) certificates. He served a renowned software firm as a software developer for a couple of years.
    At that time, the usage of hospital management system software in the healthcare industry was not very popular. Except for some franchise hospitals, most of the local hospitals didn’t have any hospital management system software to manage their day-to-day work. Due to a lack of proper integration, most medical diagnosis equipments was not being used properly. Also popularity of using foreign software was very high at that time. Mr. Manjurul has found that this sector needs to be developed.
    In late 2008, MySoft Limited was launched with few capital and 4 employees. Initially, they have been offering software solutions to the hospitals and diagnostic centre’s at a very economical cost since they wanted to build the local software industry.
    Speaking of their first project, MySoft Limited has developed lab automation system software for Aalok Healthcare Limited and successfully implemented it there. At that time, Aalok Healthcare Limited manually managed their lab-related works such as sample collection, sample tracking, analyzer operations, billing, etc.
    After successful implementation, the system automates the sample handling process very swiftly and smoothly, allowing the technician to track the sample in real-time. One of the most time-consuming processes in the manual system was the sample transfer that involves registering the samples to be sent out from the collection center and re-registering after receipt at the processing center. Lab automation system has a unique batch sheet-based sample tracking model, wherein a single bar code is assigned to an entire batch of samples being transferred to the processing center.
    Also manual system increases the chances human error. The automation system allows data to automatically transfer from the device to the Lab Information System, eliminating laborious manual effort, saving time and reducing human error.
    Mr. Manjurul always believes in continuous development to be sustained in the market. After completing their first project, MySoft was focusing on developing a proper integrated Hospital Management System software and very soon, they have developed it. Their Hospital Information System (HIS) is for managing all aspects of a hospital’s operation such as medical, financial, administrative, legal and compliance. It includes electronic medical records (EMR), business intelligence, and revenue cycle management. Hospitals and healthcare facilities improve the quality of healthcare services, reduce operating costs, and improve revenue cycle by using such hospital management software. This software typically includes Outpatient and Inpatient Management, Pharmacy, Pathology, Radiology, Inventory, Online appointment, Doctor and Patient Portals, Accounting, HR-Payroll, Blood Bank, Dietary, Feedback, Lab Machines and Biometric Integration, HL7 Integrated PACS, and Business Intelligence.
    Today MySoft Limited is one of best hospital management system software company in Bangladesh which has a couple of successful products such as Hospital Information System (HIS), Laboratory Information System (LIS), Radiology Information System (RIS), Picture Archiving & Communication System (PACS), Telemedicine Software. With the visionary leadership of Mr Manjurul, the company started with four employees now turned into a corporate family of 125 members.
    From its inception, till now MySoft Limited has served over 200 clients including some massive names in healthcare sectors such as Combined Military Hospitals (CMH), Armed Forces Institute of Pathology (AFIP), Bangladesh Specialized Hospital Limited (BSHL), Ad-din Hospitals, Holy Family Red Crescent Medical College Hospital, etc. Throughout its ongoing journey, the company has achieved a very positive response from its client. So, we can conclude that being the best hospital management system software company in Bangladesh, MySoft Limited serving healthcare sector with the vision to make technology an asset for the sector.

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