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    TikTok launches the #AmraSafeInternetSafe campaign in Bangladesh

    TikTok is encouraging users to do their bit in making the internet a safe place for all

    TV24desk: To commemorate World Internet Day, TikTok, the world’s leading short video platform, today announced the launch of #AmraSafeInternetSafe campaign in Bangladesh. The campaign aims to spread awareness about safe and responsible use of social media platforms among internet users of the country.  As part of the campaign, TikTok will host a safety awareness quiz and facilitate a hashtag challenge within the app.  This campaign kickstarts today from October 28th and ends on November 9.

    The in-app quiz comprises of multiple-choice questions on relatable, everyday safety social media tips and and will be available in English & Bengali. TikTok users can also participate in the hashtag challenge using #AmraSafeInternetSafe and share creative ideas on how they can make social media platforms a safe and positive space for all.

    Popular celebs such as Imran Haque Mahmadul, Porshi, Twahid Afridi, Habib Wahid, Jahan Ontora have come forward in support of the campaign to encourage followers to be responsible digital citizens.

    TikTok’s ongoing commitment to safety and digital wellbeing in Bangladesh

    Keeping users safe on the platform is a top priority for TikTok. In line with this, the platform aims to launch more such campaigns for the benefit of the citizens of Bangladesh.

    Creating awareness and educating users about policies is an important aspect of overall platform safety. TikTok’s Community Guidelines are the foundation of maintaining a safe and welcoming app for everyone.

    TikTok’s has a number of measures in place today to protect against misuse. These include privacy settings, filters, in-app reporting, and moderation. To help users better understand safety on the platform, TikTok has launched a Safety Centre, an in-app page with tools and resources for users.

    Here are the top 5 safety features that TikTok has for its users:

    1. Family Pairing:  the Family Pairing feature, a part of the Digital Wellbeing mode, allows parents to set a limit on their teenager screen-time on TikTok, enables the restricted mode and limits direct messages, so that the parent or guardian can be in control of their teenager’s activities on TikTok
    1. Screen Time Management – allows users to limit their time spent on the application to 40, 60, 90, 120 minutes. Any further usage beyond the set limit would require users to re-enter their passwords.
    1. Restricted mode – protects minors with a machine-learning Artificial Intelligence that filters out content that may not be age-appropriate. This account setting is optional and exists so that users can take control of the content they watch and receive. Once selected, this mode can only be reverted by entering a password.
    1. In-app suicide prevention – redirect users to an in-app suicide resource page that offer tips and hotlines so that users are able to receive help.
    1. In-app reporting – with the help of the in-app reporting feature, users can report videos that they believe violate Community Guidelines. This feature gives users an opportunity to voice their concerns and help keep TikTok safe and positive by flagging inappropriate content. During the spread of the global pandemic, TikTok has further enhanced the in-app reporting feature, to allow users to report any kind of deceptive information under the new ‘Misleading Information‘ category.

    For more information about TikTok’s safety efforts, please visit:

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