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    15 years Legacy of Samsung Television

    TV24 DESK: From black-and-white to analog to digital to Smart, Samsung Electronics has been bringing all the innovative televisions throughout the changing of times. Samsung’s innovation-led growth agenda has incorporated groundbreaking new technologies, while spanning multiple categories, reaching a wide range of consumers and maintainingthe global leadership position in TV for the past 15 years.

    Samsung’s consistent growth reflects a commitment to the most premium at-home viewing experiences, coupled with the fast-growing QLED portfolio, category leadership in the large screen segment over 55-inches, the introduction and expansion of a Lifestyle TV portfolio, and a series of industry, category and product “firsts” made possible thanks to Samsung’s constant drive for innovation.

    The company launched its first TV in 1970. Around the 2000s, Samsung hadpopularized wall-mountable LCD TVs and pioneered the golden age of LCD TVs. The company also brought 46-inch LCD TV – which was then the biggest TV in the industry. The TV was well-received among the customers and boosted the success of LCD globally.

    Samsung is also known to bring out-of-the-box designs for its products.  The company launched Bordeaux TV in 2006, which started the era of lightweight TV with aesthetically sophisticated design. It was also the same year when Samsung was first ranked as the leading company in the global television market. Thenceforth, Samsung has continued to hold that position for 15 consecutive years, till today.

    Even during the unprecedented time of the global pandemic of COVID-19, Samsung has recorded a revenue-based TV market share of 31.9% in 2020. It was the highest figure the company has ever recorded, leading Samsung to retain its top position in the global TV market.

    Samsung has continuously elevated the standard for the TV makers globally with groundbreaking innovations and technologies. Whether it’s design, color accuracy, or image quality, Samsung Electronics has continued spearheading the television industry with advanced technologies, competitive products, and constant innovation.

    Moreover, to deliver the absolute best experience on TV, Samsung has maintained to improve the image resolution. To keep pace with the fast-changing world, the company continuously evolved the displays to adapt to the expanding pool of content. In 2009, Samsung pioneered the LED TV era and released QLED in 2017. It took Quantum Dot (QLED) to new heights with advancements in light efficiency, stability, and a broader color spectrum. The company has always stayed one step ahead in developing innovative displays in the industry.

    Samsung innovations did not only pioneerin the TV industry but also transformed the lifestyles of the customers globally, including in Bangladesh.As a renowned brand of Bangladesh for TV, Samsung has been enhancing most people’s lifestyles across the nation. The people of Bangladesh can conveniently enjoy the most innovative technology and keep pace with global change.

    In 2021, Samsung expects to maintain its industry-leading market position with the introduction and expansion of core products and by incorporating proprietary technology and features across all TV lineups. This includes Samsung’s new Neo QLED lineup along with Samsung’s Lifestyle TVs and a nation-wide alignment of operations through long-term sustainability programs. Over the next few years, Samsung will also continue to invest in R&D and product development in strategic business areas to strengthen its core and emerging technology offers.


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