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    APrIGF 2021 will be held in a hybrid format from 27-30 September

    Tv24 Desk: The Asia-Pacific regional Internet Governance Forum (APrIGF) is a key regional event to raise awareness and facilitate discussion on all public policy issues raised by the development of the Internet and its use by all communities in the Asia-Pacific region. The event is now in its 11th year. The APrIGF has been held each year since 2010, when it was created on the model of the global Internet Governance Forum.

    The United Nations recognized the need for all stakeholders (governments, business, civil society organisations, the technical sector, academia, the media and youth) to work together for the better governance of the Internet in the information society of the 21st century. This international ‘multi-stakeholder’ approach to international affairs was ground-breaking. The Internet Governance process was established in 2005 and the first Forum (the IGF) held in 2006. Since then, regional and national multi-stakeholder forums for Internet Governance have been held in many parts of the world.

    The APrIGF has been held in venues ranging from Seoul to Delhi, from Vladivostok to Vanuatu, from Macao to Bangkok. It has a Secretariat based in Hong Kong, but the actual forums are organised by a voluntary, independent, multi-stakeholder group (MSG) whose members are drawn from all sectors.

    These annual regional forums have been successful in attracting modest audiences, for focused discussions on many issues of concern to society, governments and technologists. Their conclusions are condensed into a report forwarded to the UN in Geneva as a contribution to the global IGF.

    In 2020, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the APrIGF was held as a virtual event. Its success demonstrated that the APrIGF has the potential to grow and appeal to a wider audience, once the cost of international travel is no longer such a deterrent.

    This year, the APrIGF will be held in a hybrid format, a combination of online participation and physical gatherings at local hubs, on 27-30 September 2021. The theme of APrIGF 2021 is “Towards an Inclusive, Sustainable & Trusted Internet”. To attend sessions and join the discussions please register here: http://igf.asia/2021register. Program agenda and details will be announced in July.

    To submit a session proposal please visit: https://ap.rigf.asia/news/2021/call-for-session-proposals/.

    To organize a local hub to join the event please visit: https://ap.rigf.asia/news/2021/aprigf-2021-local-hubs/.

    For more information, please visit http://aprigf.asia or http://aprigf.org.np.

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