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    Expansion and contemporary issues of e-commerce business in Covid Pandemic

    Mohammad Nazim Uddin-

    Novel Coronavirus and Lockdown: According to experts, the Novel Coronavirus is a virus that infects the human body very quickly. The first known virus in the body of a fishmonger in the Chinese city of Wuhan, called Covid-19, spreads rapidly among different people and it spread from China to different countries. The virus has come from animals and after the next, it has been spread out through humans and was declared a global pandemic by the World Health Organization, and to prevent its spread, the Chinese city of Wuhan was first cut off from every city there, and China’s international contacts with various countries gradually increased. The Chinese government announced the complete or partial closure of shops, educational institutions, depending on the level, thus many countries in the world, like China announced a lockdown in each of their cases.

    Due to this lockdown, the economy and regular life of the people of all of the countries in the world including China came to a standstill and all business activities and production was stopped. Millions of working people around the world lost their jobs and became unemployed. There was a crisis of food and medical supplies and Bangladesh, like the rest of the world, is struggling to cope with this crisis. Along with the government plan, ordinary people of different walks of life have come forward and are working to address this crisis. In many of these countries, the lockdown is relaxed and changes come in people’s lives.

    E-commerce and online Business: The main attraction or service of e-commerce or online business is that shoppers can sit at home or anywhere in the world to make their purchases as per their need or choice and get home delivery at the place mentioned by the buyers.

    In the growing economy of Bangladesh, people are always eager to get more opportunities to buy goods and do not even think about the fixed price for most products. The key is to meet the needs and for that, the buyer is increasing the level of thinking about online-based shopping as usual. Online shopping is growing faster than ever before, as consumers are able to engage in a variety of activities in a variety of ways, saving them a lot of valuable time by shopping online. Consumers are choosing easy, secure, and reliable online shopping mediums to buy online

    Responses are available at any time of the day and shoppers can shop to their liking.

    When the whole world was in turmoil due to the global epidemic Covid-19 lockdown, various online e-commerce service providers came to the doorsteps of people through home delivery and started providing services.

    Countless online businesses around the world, including Amazon.com, AliExpress.com, eBay.com, continue their business activities, and Amazon.com is already at the forefront of their business growth during the Covid-19.

    During the lockdown, when all businesses, banks, and educational institutions across the country declared closure, the economy of Bangladesh also came to a standstill and many activities became stagnant and since then many businessmen started e-commerce.

    Bangladesh is not lagging behind in e-commerce like other countries in the world. The companies that keep their online business open or start anew have become successful and have reached the pinnacle of business.

    Bangladeshi organization in e-commerce: In the ICT sector in Corona Lockdown, many businesses including Star Tech Engineering Ltd., Ryans Computer is working in the ICT industry of Bangladesh with home delivery of products sold through their e-commerce site.

    Evaly.Com: Evaly is a leading organization in the e-commerce sector of Bangladesh has made history by bringing the impossible to the potential, bringing the potential buyers and the incapable buyers to the same queue and delivering daily necessities to their doorsteps. Cashback offers and gift card offers are at the top of popularity. Evaly is playing an important role in the expansion of e-commerce business in Bangladesh.

    Chaldal. Com: Chaldal is one of the best companies in Bangladesh in grocery delivery in the e-commerce business. Corona is at the forefront of success with customer service by continuing its activities in the situation. Chaldal is successfully delivering the ordered products to their buyers using their own warehouse.

    Daraj.com: Daraj is one of the most popular and oldest e-commerce sites in Bangladesh. Especially trusted sites for electronics, home appliances, and clothes. In recent times, Daraj.com has been contributing a lot to grocery home delivery.

    Mina Click: Minabazar is one of the traditional super shops in Bangladesh. In line with the needs of Digital Bangladesh, they have re-launched their business with an e-commerce site called Mina Click and contributed to the home delivery of home buyers during the lockdown of the Covid-19 epidemic.

    Shwapno.com: Shwapno is the best department store in Bangladesh. Launching its own e-commerce site to provide customer service in Lockdown, it is also serving its customers with free home delivery of essentials and groceries.

    In addition, Corona Lockdown has contributed to the delivery of medicine, healthcare, and various essential products to the beleaguered people through Othoba.com, Priyashop.com, Ajkerdil.com, Pharmacy.com, and various Facebook pages.

    If I share my experience as a buyer reference in e-commerce, I can say that from 23rd March 2020 till now, I am buying all the groceries, fish, meat, medicine, and other essentials of my house from so many online shop and getting home delivery very easily. Pie, which is why I didn’t miss anything from home in Corona’s situation and we didn’t have to face any problem bringing any kind of daily necessities from outside even after 10 days’ isolation for the sake of this e-commerce service.

    So I would say the discovery of the digital age, the expansion of e-commerce, or online business is a blessing from God for us. For feedback email: asm.nazim@gmail.com

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