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    Here are the best Amazon Echo deals right now

    Techvision24 Desk:  The Echo devices get discounted regularly.

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    When it comes to the Echo smart speakers, Amazon has a slew of devices to choose from. With so many Echo devices currently available, there is a device for every occasion. Maybe you simply want to add Alexa into a room or you are looking for an Echo device that will allow you to easily manage your other smart home products. Regardless of the reason, these are the best Echo deals currently available right now.
    Amazon Echo Dot with LED display


    This year Amazon released the fourth generation of the Echo dot, but it looks more spherical in design than an actual dot. But don’t worry, Amazon did not discontinue the third-gen Echo Dot, which still retains the dot shape.

    Right now, the third-gen Echo Dot gets frequent price drops; the lowest this particular model has ever dropped to was $19 on Prime Day 2020. Right now you can get it for $30 from AmazonBest Buy, and Target.

    If you are looking to control one light in your house with the Echo Dot, Amazon also has a deal where you can get the device plus one Bluetooth bulb for $30, knocking $20 off that bundle’s normal retail price.

    With the fourth-generation Echo Dot launching recently, we have not seen any drastic price reductions. But there was a preorder promotion that allowed you to buy two Dot devices for $100, knocking 16 percent off its normal retail price.


    The third generation of Amazon’s smart speaker with improved sound.

    Amazon Echo Dot (left) and Echo (right)


    In addition to the Echo Dot receiving a refresh in design, the Echo also got an updated look. Like the fourth-gen Echo Dot, the 2020 Amazon Echo also includes a sphere-shape design, but it’s noticeably bigger than the Echo Dot when you do a size comparison.

    If you are looking for just one Amazon Echo, unfortunately there are no active deals currently available. There is one active deal right now at Best Buy that provides two Amazon Echo devices for $170, which knocks $30 off its normal retail price.


    The fourth generation of the Amazon Echo, which ditches the cylinder design in favor of an orb-shaped look. You can save $30 on this model if you buy two, bringing the cost down to $170.

    Echo Show 5


    If you are looking for an Echo device that functions more as a smart clock than an entertainment speaker, the Echo Show 5 is one of two smart displays to consider. The Echo Show 5 includes a 5.5-inch display, making it easy to fit just about anywhere inside your home. Not only does the device include a built-in camera, but there’s also a physical shutter on the device, allowing you to block the camera’s view while keeping the always-on microphone active.

    The Echo Show 5 usually costs $90, and on Prime Day 2020 we saw the device go down to as low as $45. Right now, you can buy the device for $75 at AmazonBest Buy, and Target, knocking $15 off its normal price.


    Amazon’s fully functional smart display that is more than just an alarm clock.

    Echo Show 8


    Amazon’s Echo Show 8 provides a larger display and costs $40 more. It features an eight-inch display, making it a few inches bigger than the Echo Show 5. When stacked up against the Google Nest Hub, which is its closest competitor in terms of price and functionality, the Echo Show 8 is the better option for a few reasons: it has a slightly larger display, better speakers, and a camera, allowing you to double the smart display as a video chatting device.

    Normally, this device costs $130, but it has seen some good price reductions in the past. We have seen the device go down as low as $65, but if you are ready to bite the bullet now, the Echo Show 8 is available for $105 at AmazonBest Buy, and Target right now.


    Amazon’s $130 smart display featuring a bright and sharp eight-inch display. You can get this product for $105 at Amazon, Best Buy, and Target right now.

    Amazon’s Echo Studio


    If you’re interested in an Alexa smart speaker with better audio quality and also Dolby Atmos support, the Echo Studio is the Amazon product you may want to purchase.

    There are no active deals right now for a new Echo Studio, but you can buy a refurbished Echo Studio for $160. We have seen the price for new Echo Studios go down to $150 and some interesting bundles at times.


    A great-sounding smart speaker that features support for a slew of streaming music services. You can buy a refurbished model for $160 at Amazon right now. theverge

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