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    MOU between Cyber Wales and the Bangladesh eGovernment CIRT

    Tv24 Desk: BGD e-GOV CIRT and Cyber Wales in the United Kingdom, virtually signed a memorandum of understanding dated 6th April to mark the 50th Anniversary of Bangladesh Independence Day 2021 on 26th March. This is to reinforce the bilateral relations in various fields including economic, investment, protection against cyber-attacks and advisory, and to pave the way for further cooperation with BGD e-GOV CIRT and Cyber Wales.

    The Memorandums of Understanding have been signed by Hon Col Mr John Davies (Co-Founder and Cyber Wales) and Mr Tarique Barkatullah, Director NDC CA & Security, witnessed by Honourable Minister of State Mr Zunaid Ahmed Palak (ICT Division, Ministry of Post, Telecommunications & Information Technology Bangladesh), Rt Hon Alun Cairns MP for Vale of Glamorgan Wales-United Kingdom, Mr Neil Sandford from the Office of First Minister of Wales, Her Excellency Ms Saida Muna Tasneem, Bangladesh High Commissioner to the United Kingdom, and Captain Samir Sajet, Chief Region Aviation Safety Officer MENA and Asia Region United Nations – World Food Program

    The aim of the Memorandum is to create opportunities for mutual cooperation, with the great experience of Cyber Wales in the new technologies and innovations to prevent and track the cyber-attacks and to benefit from the services and technologies that contribute in protection against the cyber-attacks and to adapt more efficient protection approaches.

    Honourable Minister of State Mr Zunaid Palak, affirmed that the memorandum of understanding are not only targeting the member companies of BGD e-GOV CIRT, it shall include all the organizations from Bangladesh that wish to benefit from the services of Cyber Wales including training and development actives, research and business development to adopt the best practices which could be provided through workshops, forums or conferences. However, the event and activities shall be organized virtually at the current time, due to the circumstances of COVID-19; while in future it could be through visits or participation in the events that are organized by BGD e-GOV CIRT and/or Cyber Wales. We seek to develop a strategy, that help both Bangladesh and Wales, United Kingdom to cope with the all the developments in the different sectors, through using all the tools of future foresight, that help in anticipating future opportunities, trends, challenges and repercussions, this shall limit the impacts of the cyber-attacks, piracy and penetration of the websites of all companies, as well as the commercial and industrial sectors

    We have similar objectives and we enter into an understanding with Cyber Wales in order to promote the private sector business entities to become reciprocal partners and to extend all support, cooperation and assistance to each other for the overall benefit of both countries. I am delighted to witness the fruition of our shared hard efforts over the past few months to sign this historic MoU between our organizations, which I have no doubt will work together, to foster and deepen commercial ties between Bangladesh and Wales – United Kingdom, said Mr Taruque Barkatullah

    “I welcome the signing of the MoU on cyber partnership between Bangladesh eGovernment CIRT and Cyber Wales specially in the historic year of Bangladesh’s Golden Jubilee and 50 years of Bangladesh-UK relations. Thanks to Hon’ble Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina’s Digital Bangladesh Vision, Bangladesh has emerged as South Asia’s first digital economy aspiring to deliver 85% of its public services digitally as part of our Founding Father Bangabandhu’s Golden Bengal Prosperity Vision. The MoU will certainly create greater connectivity and knowledge sharing between Bangladesh’s cybersecurity and global cybersecurity eco-space through the Cyber Wales platform where IT communities in Bangladesh and Wales can both play an important role.” HE High Commissioner Ms Saida Muna Tasneem, Bangladesh High Commission to the United Kingdom

    Rt Hon Alun Cairns MP added: ‘It was a privilege to be involved in the signing of the MoU between Bangladesh CIRT and Cyber Wales. We all recognised that Cyber security has no borders and the answer to the growing threats must be through more partnerships.The UK Tech-Nation report, recognises the particular strength Wales has in Cyber and Bangladesh has a strong presence in online commerce.

     Hon Col Mr John Davies, Co-Founder and Chairman of Cyber Wales: Bangladesh announced its presence in the global battle against cyber threats last year by establishing the e-Government Cyber Incident Response Team (BGD e-GOV CIRT).  Cyber Wales were proud to have been involved in the country’s first ever Cyber Drill in November, which demonstrated formidable cyber defence capability.  More than 30 cybersecurity teams from different types of organisations, including banks & non-bank financial institutions, participated in the drill aimed at sharpening skills during incident handling and building resilience and capacity for handling cyber threats in future.

    BGD e-GOV CIRT and Cyber Wales Group CIC has signed the historic Memorandum of Understanding to formalise their relationship and declare their intentions to collaborate. With the object of promoting their co-operation in cyber security practice and research, the MoU will cover exchange of information, imparting best practices, joint education & research activities and bilateral business development projects. BGD e-GOV CIRT acts as the National CIRT of Bangladesh (N-CIRT) with responsibilities including receiving, reviewing and responding to computer security incidents and activities and taking necessary measures to resolve issues with broad cybersecurity ramifications, conduct research & development and provide guidance on security vulnerabilities. Cyber Wales is a representative body with the aim of being the Heart and Voice of cyber communities in Wales and the management team, cluster managers and steering committee all strive to provide a platform for members to find guidance, share news, intelligence and best practice and encourage collaboration through clusters, events and competitions and to identify opportunities for the cyber communities in Wales to thrive and grow.

    Faheem Azhar, Member of the Steering Committee, International Advisor and Director of Middle East & Broader Region Cluster of Cyber Wales Group C.I.C:

    We are proud to mark the 50th Anniversary of Bangladesh Independence Day 2021 on 26 March with a formal signing of a Memorandum of Understanding between Cyber Wales and the Bangladesh eGovernment CIRT. We are equally glad to witness the keen interest in digitalization of Bangladesh, naturally cyber security has become a cause of concern for the public and private sectors alike. The aim is to facilitate knowledge exchange about Cyber Awareness and Cyber Preparedness; to maximize the benefits of digital development and reduce the risks associated with it; offering assistance in handling cyber security issues; and to joint forces for a digital defence exercise to prepare for possible cyber-attacks on critical infrastructure as coronavirus-related cyber-attacks increase


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