Thursday, April 18, 2024

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    Qualcomm reportedly granted permission to resume business with Huawei

    TV24 Desk: Qualcomm seems to be close to receiving permission from the US government for selling its chipsets to Huawei. After the US ban on Huawei that resulted in US companies not being able to work with Huawei under the allegations that the China-based company was related to the Chinese government, Huawei was selling its newest smartphones without access to Google services and struggled with chipset manufacturing.

    Now, Android Central reports that US-based chip manufacturer Qualcomm may be able to get permission from the government to work with Huawei and supply chips for future smartphones of the company. Reportedly, selling the Honor division of Huawei was one of the prerequisites for permission to be granted, and now this seems to have been accomplished.

    It seems that Qualcomm has received licenses to resume business with Huawei. However, this information comes from a report from China, and neither Huawei nor Qualcomm have confirmed whether the information is correct or not at the moment. Source: phonearena

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