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    Reproductive health, sexual health and family planning services are included in Shastho Batayon

    TV24 Desk:  Sexual health, reproductive health, and family planning services are going to add to the National Health Service Call Center “Shastho Batayon 16263”. As part of this, a three-day training has been organized in association with the Department of Health, the Department of Family Planning, the international organization IPAS Bangladesh and Synesis IT, the country’s leading ICT and largest digital healthcare provider to make Shastho Batayon doctors more proficient in sexual health, reproductive health, and family planning services.

    Recently the training program was inaugurated. Director-General of the DGFP Shahan Ara Banu was present as the Chief Guest at the inaugural function, and Dr. Mohammad Sharif, Director, Maternal and Child Services, Line Director (MC-RAH), and Dr. Habibur Rahman, Director, MIS. And Line Director e-Health MIS, DGHS were present as special guests. Dr. Syed Rubayet, Country Director, IPAS Bangladesh, Shohorab Ahmed Chowdhury, Managing Director, Synesis IT, and Dr. Nizam Uddin Ahmed, Chief Executive Officer and Public Health Specialist, Synesis Health, also present at the event.

    Through this project, Synesis IT’s Syneses Health Division started working with DGFP and IPAS Bangladesh. Through this training, 90 doctors will receive training in 3 days from 9 am to 12:30 pm. Dr. Mohammad Abul Khair, Senior Advisor, Health Services, IPAS Bangladesh, and Dr. Sayeda Khadija Akter, Advisor, IPAS Bangladesh will provide this training.

    Dr. Nizam Uddin Ahmed, Chief Executive Officer of Synesis Health and public health expert, inaugurated the event and highlighted the important issues of Shastho Batayon. He said, “Shastho Batayon has been relentlessly providing services to the people of the country since 2015 under the initiative of the DGHS under the Government of Bangladesh. This service has been greatly improved since 2017, and we are working to improve the services in the future. We are delighted to be associated with DGFP. This training program will inspire future family planning to provide more age-appropriate health care.”

    Shahan Ara Banu, Director-General of DGFP, said, ‘Many people in remote areas do not know about family planning. I believe that raising awareness and advising the people of the country on reproductive health and family planning through Shastho Batayon will play an important role in healthcare service’.

    Dr. Syed Rubayet, Country Director, IPAS Bangladesh, said, “IPAS Bangladesh has been working on sexual health and reproductive health services for many years, and we hope that this initiative will take our efforts further.”

    Dr. Mohammad Sharif, Director, Maternal and Child Services, Line Director (MC-RAH), said, “People in remote areas of the country are ignorant about health and nutrition. In this case, people will benefit a lot if there is a system of taking the services of nutritionists and health experts in addition to sexual and reproductive issues.”

    Dr. Habibur Rahman, Director, MIS, and e-Health Department, DGHS, said, “Shastho Batayon has been providing services to the country and the people very efficiently since 2015. With the management of Synesis IT, it is no longer confined only as a call center, Shastho Batayon is now functioning as a digital hospital. There has been a lot of progress in Shastho Batayon service during the Corona period. Today’s training will build a bridge between the DGFP and the DGHS, and this training program will further expand that progress.”

    Mr. Shohorab Ahmed Chowdhury, Managing Director of Synesis IT delivered the closing speech. He said, “The government of Bangladesh has been working side by side with Synesis IT Health Services to build a digital Bangladesh for more than 14 years.

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