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    Roxy Paints is going for complete automation with a robust ERP by Divine IT Desk: The history of the paint industry in Bangladesh, in other words, is Roxy Paints Limited. It is not only because of its uninterrupted manufacturing of quality paints since 1953, it is more so because of Roxy’s being the pioneering national entity. The oldest paint manufacturing industry of the country Roxy is proud of being in a position to offer a wide range of paints and varnishes that include Plastic, Velvet interior paint, Weather guard exterior paint, sealer and primers are of water based family. Synthetic enamel paint and marine paint are of oil based group.

    Hammer, epoxy, chloro-rubber paint, road and runway marking paint, tennis court paint are of industrial segment. Others are cement paint, thinners, rust and paint removers. Roxy Points felt the yearning need of joining the race of advanced modernization through automation of their entire business operations. After spending countless sessions on requirement analysis and scrutinizing the business scenario from in and out, Roxy Paints got well versed knowledge of the proficiency and calibre of PrismERP.

    PrismERP is Divine IT Limited’s flagship product. An award-winning web-based ERP application, PrismERP is a platform independent, ready and integrated system for multi-dimensional businesses mostly as a “business in a box”. The robust architecture of PrismERP helps automate operations of small to large businesses and ensures profits through productivity. PrismERP has versatile core business modules which are capable to manage administrative managerial business propositions entirely & centrally in any platform. The core functional areas of PrismERP are Financial Management System, Supply Chain Management, Sales and Distribution Management, Production Planning and Control, Enterprise Asset Management, Customer Relationship Management, Human Resource Management and many more.

    The scope of services under this project that will be well accommodated by PrismERP are Financial Management System, Inventory and Warehouse Management, Supply Chain Management, Real Time Sales & Distribution with MIS, Vehicle Management, HR & Payroll Management and relevant reports as per their business requirements.

    The implementation for the application is already well underway with full acknowledgement of authorities for both concerned parties. This project shall enable Roxy Paints to flourish further in terms of business growth and scalability.

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