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    Shohoz launches new Ed-Tech Platform- Shohoz Learn 

    TV24 DESK: Shohoz is delighted to announce the official launch of their new ed tech platform ‘Shohoz Learn’ on June 10, 2021. The Learn app is rolling out with an award-winning collection of more than 100 kids’ eBooks with audio reader and assessment tools from the world-renowned multinational publishing company Scholastic in partnership with global ed-tech platform MommyDaddyMe. In the coming months Shohoz plans to increase the diversity and volume of quality EdTech tools through the introduction of classrooms, dashboards, discussion boards, educational video content, podcasts and many more.

    As the global pandemic continues to disrupt the education system, educators find themselves working with students via online ed tech platforms. Shohoz Learn aims to facilitate this transformation of the human connection and interaction to enable seamless learning. It intends to increase the learning potential of children by transforming traditional methods of learning into more innovative and fun active learning experiences. The technology is designed specifically to make it easy for both children and parents to access and adopt.

    While social interaction and the environment kids are surrounded by plays a key role in the healthy, cognitive growth of children- learning through guided reading is equally important to raise a well-rounded young child. The Shohoz Learn app will provide parents that tool to ensure their children’s cognitive development and help propel children’s creativity, curiosity and attentiveness through its engaging and easy to use content. The app enables and engage kids and young students to discover active learning through e-books. Anyone can enroll to Shohoz Learn through their multiple subscription plans by downloading the Shohoz SuperApp on Google Play Store or Apple’s App Store. They provide their consumers with two primary pricing plans– BDT 850 for 6 months and BDT 1250 for 1 year. With this subscription, users can avail more than 100 Scholastic eBooks with an audio reader, and fun quizzes to test their kids smarts at a very economical cost.

    Founding Managing Director of Shohoz Maliha Quadir said, “Proper adaptation of tech can make us a developed nation, much faster than our current pace. In the last 5 years, we have seen how that can happen, through the adaption of Shohoz by millions of people and in the same spirit we are excited introduce our new addition to the Super App family, Shohoz Learn. Education is THE pillar that can totally transform a country. Digital education is really the way to democratize quality education.”

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