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    The Story of a youth couple becoming enterpreneur  

    Tv24 Desk: There is  a proverb, according to  language of  enterpreneurship,  Enterpreneur are born enterpreneur. Some enterpreneur are not born enterpreneur, they turn enterpreneurs through married with love. Like that one  enterpreneur couple is G.m.Adol and Serajum Munira. The name of their initiative is amarpirojpur.com.
    “Our main objective is to brand Pirojpur district “with this tag line they started journey of this initiative.This is a  initiative to branding district nonuniform products. Two graduate person, G.m.Adol and Serajum Munira.About first they are in love then marriage now they are two life partners.This young couple is co-entrepreneur of amarpirojpur.com.
    G.m.Adol completed his graduation in Law from Dhaka International University and Serajum Munira completed her graduation in Public Administration from University of Barisal.After finishing their studies, they did not chase traditional jobs,  became entrepreneurs. To know the story of journey of amarpirojpur.com from this enterpreneur couple, tell us,” after completing seceondary and higher secondary when we started to go university then like others  our friends asked us where our district, we told them but they didn’t recognize at once correctly.From when had a dream to introduce our   district to among everyone.I thought I would take an initiative with my district through which everyone will know Pirojpur district by one name.

    This is how started amarpirojpur.com.  We are the people from same district.After a long love we get married in love with each other.whereas,we  got married out of love, the time after marriage was quite struggling . We both joined two private companies for jobs.It was going well in the midst of many things.But this dependent job did not look very good. In the meanwhile, the Corona virus suddenly took shape and after the lockdown, we both lost our jobs .
    Face extreme problems.Still not disappointed. Since We were not getting a job, We started giving our full time to initiative at amarpirojpur.com with the small amount of money which earning from the job. Start more online campaigns. Good response starts to come . In this case many close friends came forward.Maybe it is because of them that the wheel of our destiny has turned today.
    To ask about the activities of amarpirojpur.com they inform,”Pirojpur is a fisheries and agriculture depended district.Farmers are produce different type of crops here.Among them malta and kalojira rice are best.Pirojpur is called the golden land of Malta.A brand recognized by the district government in Malta.
    On the other hand, Pirojpur is a river-washed district.There are rivers and canals scattered like a net.As a result, a large number of people have developed their livelihood around this river.Among them are the fishing community, who fish in rivers and seas, and some who make a living by drying fish. Based on this, many dry villages have also developed here.
    Also some people in the area have been involved in the shitalpati industry since ancient times.Sweet is an integral part of Bengali entertainment.Any Bengali event remains incomplete without sweets.Rasgolla’s place is top of  all.Rasgolla has been popular in this area for more than a hundred years.According to the veteran experts, the original origin of Rasgolla is in Bhandaria of Pirojpur.
    At present, through amarpirojpur.com, the organic fragrant kalojira rice, organic malta and dried fruits produced by the farmers of this region, including the famous rasgolla of this region, are being marketed directly to the consumers in different parts of the country.As a result, farmers in the region are getting a fair price for their produce and ordinary consumers in different parts of the country are able to buy without adulterated products with their hard-earned money.
    Some industries including Shitalpati of this district are on the verge of extinction. amarpirojpur.com is constantly working to revive these industries and ensure their employment.Now amarpirojpur has the famous Shitalpati of Pirojpur district.
    They have already been able to deliver amarpirojpur.com products to people in more than 34 of the country’s 64 districts.  Day by day  amarpirojpur.com is moving forward  with people’s trust and confidence.amarpirojpur is now a brand name to many.To take forward amarpirojpur.com, BSIC of Pirojpur district, Bangladesh Investment Development Authority (BIDA), ESDP and many others are working as partners.
    G.m.Adol and Serajum Munira, the entrepreneurs  of this initiative, dream of creating employment for hundreds of unemployed youth in the district through amarpirojpur.com
    amarpirojpur entrepreneurs dream to  in the future amarpirojpur.com will be one of the e-commerce companies in the country.amarpirojpur.com will be branding Pirojpur district all over the world.

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