Tuesday, May 21, 2024

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    Scholastica hosts Grameenphone to open dialogue on the Digital Citizenship

    TV24 Desk: With the idea to develop awareness among children and ways they can responsibly navigate the digital world, Scholastica, along with Grameenphone, arranged a webinar on Discipline Month Program on Digital Citizenship.

    Since the pandemic hit the country, millions of children and young people have been affected by physical school closure across the country. Many of these students are now taking classes as well as socializing online. Spending more time on virtual platforms may leave children vulnerable to harmful content and cyberbullying, as predators look to exploit the new-normal ways of living during the COVID-19 pandemic. To help tackle the issue, Khairul Bashar, Head of Communications, Grameenphone, conducted the webinar to emphasize how parents can supervise the children and techniques young people should follow to navigate the digital world.

    Khairul Bashar expressed, “Grameenphone has a firm commitment to make online space safer for the future generation. We need more collective efforts, especially in this new-normal era, to proactively address the need for digital citizenship. Hence, it has become essential for us, especially the parents and teachers, to guide our vulnerable future generation. Our interactions need to be open and friendly, so if they face any problem in the digital world, they will not hesitate to seek our help and advice.”

    He also added, “The internet is not to be blamed for issues like cyberbullying or harmful content. It all depends on how we use it. We can be careful and prevent the challenges from occurrence by following some basic but essential rules.”

    Farah S Ahmed, Principal, Head of Section, Senior Section, Scholastica, commented during the session, “Technology is now a part of our daily lives. We need to teach our students to develop healthy practices on the internet and create a better and safer space for everyone.  We would like to see our students as ‘Digital Leaders’ so that they can generate awareness about ways to positively and safely engage in online platforms, stop cyberbullying, and help their friends to make better choices.”

    The webinar was attended by senior management, supervisors, faculty members, students from Class VII to IX, and the Community Service Club members.

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